Consulting Services

  • Design and Development of RF/Microwave Circuits and Systems
  • Single circuit to full product development
  • Design expertise from DC to 40GHz
  • Expert in cost reduction and design for manufacture
  • Custom Test Equipment Design for mass production and Lab testing
  • Overseas manufacturing partners to support high volume production
    • SMT, Assembly and Test within the same Factory
    • Capability to produce in excess of 1M products per month
    • Mechanical design in House
    • Experience with Plastic injection Moulding, Diecasting and machined parts
  • Full UK Lab with 26GHz test equipment
    • Spectrum, Vector, Scalar, Noise Figure Analysers
    • Phase Nosie Test Capability
    • Digital Signal Analysers
    • Thermatron Test Chamber
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Manual Assembly site with Microscope inspection
  • Fully Licensed and supported Software
    • 3D EM: HFSS, EMPRO
    • Planar EM: SiWave, Momentum
    • Linear and Harmonic Balance: ADS, Ansoft Designer, ISIS
    • Thermal Design capability
    • PCB Layout Altium, ADS, Proteus
    • Processor Simulation: ISIS
  • Power supply, MCU, Analog interface circuit design and development
  • RF System analysis and development, Design review support and creation, Test Plan development

Consultancy Enquiries

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2A Juno House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston,
Reading, Berkshire, RG7 8RA, UK

World Leading RF/Microwave Design Consultants

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